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taking a picture, freezing a moment, reveals how rich a moment truly is - our lives should be filled with them.

Front Line.jpg

From L to R:  Wessell "Warm-Daddy" Anderson, George J Fontenette, and Keith Loftis

Herbie and Me.jpeg

Pursued this interview for 3 years, then out of the blue, I received a call.  I interviewed Herbie Hancock for my upcoming documentary on Bernard Drayton and advertising -  coincidentally, just hours after my dear mother's transition. 4/22/2017


The Apollo collaborates with creator Kyle Bowser to present Apollo Uptown Hall - Trial By Jury:  The Case of the N-Word, and interactive community conversation to investigate one of the most provocative, polarizing, and debated words in America.  Special guests including radio personality EMEZ, psychologist Dr. Jeff Grader, comedienne Stephanie McRae, CCNY Black Studies Director Dr. Cheryl Sterling, filmmaker Darryl Stith, trumpeter George J Fontenette and writer, TV host and podcaster Toure will join the discussion to explore the word's historic and current day resonance.  2/26/17


At the BlackOut Premiere with Turron Kofi Alleyne, Michael B Jordan, and my beautiful wife, Wilton Fontenette.

Summer Stage.jpg

Summer Stage with Claudia Hayden in Harlem 2018


I've got hypnotic powers in my music.

BlacKout Premiere.jpg

Me and my beautiful wife Wilton at the BlackOut Premiere.


Shooting for the documentary outdoors in Brooklyn with Rex Rideout.

G Fontenette.jpg

Talking with Sam Chisholm, former founder and CEO of the now defunct Chisholm/Mingo Group after the shoot for the documentary.


I interviewed the one and only Tom Burrell, founder and former CEO of Burrell Communications, author of Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority.

CH Williams.jpg

This woman is legendary - Carol H Williams graciously gave us some of her time for the documentary.  She is the founder and CEO of Carol H Williams Advertising.


From L to R:  George J Fontenette, Byron Lewis, Derrick Anthony, and Tefe Bell.  We got Mr. Byron Lewis, founder and former CEO of UniWorld Group to give us an interview for the documentary.

B Drayton n Me.JPG
Bernard Drayton 001.jpg

Bernard Drayton - The rhythm and groove behind Black Advertising.

The man himself, Mr. Bernard Drayton, telling us his story.  The documentary is going to be incredible.

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